Bathroom Renovation, Remove old fixtures, January 6 2003
OK, so the first thing they did was to remove the old fixtures. This takes a plumber, because the point is to close off the old pipes so the house stays dry during the demolition. By the end of the day the old bathroom had no toilet, no sink, no knobs where the bathtub was, and no medicine chest. The fresh water pipes were all capped off and the waste pipes were plugged up with rags so sewer gas wouldn't get into the house

no toilet, no sink  

The hole in the floor is the waste pipe from the toilet. The pile of rubble on the floor is broken tile, etc, from where there are now big holes in the wall. The demolition crew will get rid of it tomorrow. There's ugly sharp expanded metal lath pulled out of the wall. It had been holding the concrete (mud wall) that the tile was set in. You can see a red rag plugging the sink waste pipe. The floor under the toilet and behind the sink backsplash was pretty dirty! Things are going to get worse before they get better.

no knobs for the tub   no medicine chest

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