Bathroom Renovation, Remove old fixtures, January 6 2003
Where I work, "demo" means "demonstration". To construction guys, it means "demolition". You have to get rid of what's there now before you can make it new. It's a really strange feeling to shake hands with the head of the demolition crew and leave the house knowing that you're asking him to destroy part of your property! They turned the water off to the whole house before starting, even though the pipes were all capped. Just in case something goes wrong!

When I came home there were no walls in the old bathroom. The room must have been an inch bigger in both directions, because the old walls had some thickness, but it looked tiny!

No walls where old toilet was   No walls where old medicine chest was

No walls where the old toilet was (you can see the old vent pipe.) No walls where the old medicine chest was. I like to compare this picture with the one where the medicine chest was gone but the wall was still there.

Pipes to the master bath   Pipes for the old tub

No walls where the bathtub was. The pipes in the left-hand picture come from the sink in the master bath. The ones in the right-hand picture are for the old bathtub.

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