Bathroom Renovation, January - February 2003
We had been talking about renovating our old bathroom for years. We have a master bath besides this one, and only two adults living at home. The general family and guest bathroom is the one in question. The bathtub faucets were at a state where you couldn't shut the water off if you once turned it on. The shower faucets were OK, so you could fill the tub through the shower -- we had had a hand-held shower connected to it, with the shower head taken off, so the tub was usable though the shower wasn't -- but we were always afraid that some overnight guest would forget that the tub faucets weren't usable. The plumbing was so old that you couldn't even change the washers in the tub faucets any more, and it was all set in concrete so we would need to break the tile and concrete to replace the faucets. The bottom line was that we would need to gut the bathroom and replace everything if we wanted to have a working bathtub. Since the old sink was in pretty crummy condition anyway, it seemed reasonable.

The floor had the original 1920's tile, awfully old-fashioned, but nice. We were a little sorry to lose the wallpaper that we had put up in the '70s -- it had always been fun.

before, 1   old wallpaper   old wallpaper

But look, it really needed work!

peeling paint on window   cracked tile, corroded pipes 

broken shower knob   old ceiling light

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