Rolling On One


   Hi folks, that's me and that's why it's called Rolling On One. (not Roll In Go None)
The gloves are in case I fall, but I rarely fall. A gravitational mishap that doesn't bring my hands or knees in contact with the ground is an unplanned dismount.
Photo by co-worker Jeff O'Neill, sometime in Spring 2002, in the parking lot at work.
I learned to ride a uni in the early 1980s. For months I was just saying to myself, "No, human beings can't do this." My juggling teacher, Steve Aveson, said two things that helped a little: "Don't look down" and "Sit your butt down on the damn unicycle."
Don't look down, because it's easier to balance if you have a clear idea of what's horizontal. Sit down, because your legs are working hard enough keeping the wheel under you. They don't need the extra effort of supporting any weight. There's a device called an ultimate wheel, which is a unicycle with the fork and seat removed. People say it's much harder to ride than a uni.
Finally someone else suggested holding a broomstick in each hand so the wheel and the broomsticks formed a tripod, and walking along with the broomsticks, gradually keeping them off the ground. I started to make serious progress at that point.

I got this domain intending to use it for an online journal. A year and a half after I got the domain, I'm putting the journal up.

I chat frequently with fellow eraser carvers and use this domain for sharing images with them. You're welcome to look.

I'm also interested in writing up some exercises in programming for Mac OS X -- I'm quite fond of the Cocoa programming environment that Apple has for it. I also use the site to practice web programming. There's no telling.

Some of the links below go just one page deep. The journal has a big tree below it. Feel free to write and ask for more about any of it. Of course I'll feel free to ignore the request, or not.




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