Photos of the Dr. Seuss Memorial
On June 7 2002 Arlene and I went to Springfield for the rubber stamp convention. After setting up, we headed into downtown Springfield to seek out the memorial to Dr. Seuss which had opened just a week earlier. Here are our pictures. Bear in mind, though, that it's sculpture and needs to be viewed in person. The feel of the open book underfoot and the scale of the whole thing are integral parts of the experience.

Plaque - note date, one week before we were there

Sam I Am    Would you like green eggs and ham?
About the first thing I saw at the memorial was Sam-I-Am running towards me bearing a big plate of green eggs and ham. Here you see him from both sides.

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Also running toward me were Thing One and Thing Two.

Horton Court
All of the above are part of Horton Court, which features a full-sized Horton the Elephant and Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose as well as several Cat In The Hat characters, all springing out of a giant walk-through book.

Horton with toddler
This kid seems to have the right idea.

The girl from the Cat in the Hat

Dr. Seuss at work
After all that fantasy, here's a little reality; Dr. Seuss at work at his drawing table. Although it's a little strange to call a sculpture reality. It's a question of how many levels of fantasy you're dealing with at any time. That's the Cat in the Hat, his muse, standing behind him. You can see the whole thing in the background of the previous picture. Note the chair legs and what's in back of the chair. Maybe there's always a level of fantasy involved when you talk about Dr. Seuss.

Arlene with the Lorax
At the far end of the quadrangle from Horton Court is a small sculpture of the Lorax standing on a stump inscribed "unless". The Boston Globe had a photo of this when it did an article about the dedication of the memorial the weekend before we were there. After I tried to photograph the other sculptures, I saw why they featured this one: the others are very hard to photograph because there's always something else in the background. This one is easy to isolate against a big lawn.

The Lorax by itself

Dean and the Grinch
Back at the Horton Court end of the quadrangle there's another book, this one standing open upright with the text of Oh the Places You'll Go on it and a big bronze chair, the Storyteller's Chair, in front of it. The Grinch and his dog (with fake reindeer antlers tied on its head) stand next to it. I tried talking with the Grinch.

Arlene in the Storyteller's Chair
Arlene tried out the Storyteller's Chair

Arlene in the Storyteller's Chair

Dean in the Storyteller's Chair
... So did I...

Dean in the Storyteller's Chair with text

The other end of the quadrangle
This beautiful building is at the other end of the quadrangle.